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19th International Exhibition "Food Industry"

3-5 April 2019, Tashkent, Uzbekistan


Uzbekistan is one of the Central Asian countries having the most rapidly developing economy.

Every year, large-scale investment projects aimed at further development of economic, social, infrastructure, transport and communication networks are implemented in Uzbekistan, thereby creating new jobs and generating incomes. Implementation of the longsighted development strategy has allowed our country, among one of the few countries in the world, to ensure high GDP growth and industrial production rates.

The annual growth rate of food production in Uzbekistan is 10-15%

We have adopted a program of measures to ensure structural reforms, modernization and diversification of the production for the period of 2015-2019, according to which the 4 main areas are envisaged.

First: Export supplies

The program will ensure more than 2.7 times export growth of fresh and processed fruit and vegetable products, including canned food, concentrates and juices - 2.5 times.

Second: Establishment of 15 trade & logistic centres with the total capacity of 60 thousand tons.

Third: Financial support of the programs aimed at:

  • 180 investment projects on construction of new, reconstruction and modernization of the existing facilities for processing agricultural raw materials and producing semi-finished and finished products, as well as containers and packaging materials totally worth USD 595.9 million;
  • 416 regional projects on expanding production of processed milk & meat, fruit & vegetables and other food products.

Fourth: Development of packaging sector

In order to develop food product packaging services at the level of modern requirements, the program will be implemented in cooperation with the leading foreign companies and provide for the following:

  • New production facilities to be established in the regions for production of corrugated packaging, plastic packaging, plastic pallets and crates meeting the international standards;
  • Production of new modern types of food packaging, such as vacuum packaging, neutral gas environment packaging, glass containers of international standards, "twist-off" caps, multi-layer films and other food packaging will be implemented.

Food and processing industry are the two sectors of Uzbekistan which have the greatest potential. Every year, WorldFood Uzbekistan exhibition becomes a demonstration platform to present the latest industry innovations.

Welcome to WorldFood Uzbekistan!