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Production Technologies. Woodworking. Furniture and Design.

MebelExpo Uzbekistan is the only international specialised exhibition of the furniture and woodworking industries in Uzbekistan.

Every year, MebelExpo Uzbekistan presents progressive solutions for furniture and woodworking production. It provides a platform for business discussions for producers and retailers of furniture, suppliers and distributors of modern technological equipment, tools, furniture, and materials, and interior design specialists.

Why exhibit?

The Republic of Uzbekistan covers a wide area of Central Asia, with a population of over 31 million people it is the most highly populated country and has the largest consumer market in the region.

Uzbekistans furniture and woodworking industry is one of its most rapidly developing sectors. Previously foreign products made up 65-70% of the domestic market, whereas today around 90% of the total market is filled with high-quality national products. From 2003 - 2014 production in the industry increased by a factor of 14. There are currently around 1,400 businesses producing furniture, laminated chipboard, materials and woodwork. More information >>>

The exhibitions target audience

  • Directors, managers and specialists from a range of furniture businesses and woodworking factories

  • Business owners and directors of small businesses and workshops

  • Furniture and interior designers

  • Furniture and interior shops

  •  Representatives of furniture, interior, equipment and component retail chains (wholesale and retail)

  • Distributors

  • Directors and specialists from government bodies, ministries and agencies, and industry associations and companies from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and other countries in Asia, Europe and the CIS

  • National and international press

  •  Research staff and technical specialists

  • Representatives of international organisations, financial institutions and banks

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