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CAIMTE 2009 and Textile Expo Uzbekistan 2009 will bring together textile companies from 17 countries

CAITME is the only specialised event for the textile industry in Uzbekistan, and an important event in the region related to the rapid growth of light industry in Central Asia.  This year, CAITME will again be held under one roof with Textile Expo Uzbekistan 2009, the 6th Uzbekistan International Textiles Exhibition.  Bringing together all the textile market offers in one venue will allow specialists to see the full range of product sectors in the CAITME 2009 and Textile Expo Uzbekistan 2009 exhibitions.  The exhibitions are organised by the international exhibition company ITE Uzbekistan, a member of the UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry), and its partner, I.T.E. Exhibitions and Conferences Ltd (UK).  
Official support:
    Uzbekengilsanoat SJSC
    Association of Fashion Designers of Uzbekistan (Ociye Ramzi)
    Mayors Office of Tashkent
    Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Organisational support is provided by Uzexpocentre NEC of the Ministry for Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan.    
Official security support: Group 4 Securicor Uzbekistan
Media support: leading CIS and international industry and socio-political publications.  Magazines: Tekstil Teknoloji (Turkey), Legprom Ukrainy (Ukrainian Light Industry), Kurer Legkoy Promyshlennosti (Light Industry Courier, Russia), Optovik (Wholesaler, Uzbekistan),  Tasvir (Uzbekistan); Newspapers: LegPromBiznes (Light Industry Business, Russia), AiF (Uzbekistan), Tashkentskaya Nedelya (Tashkent Week, Uzbekistan); Websites: www.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and; Publishing houses: Tasvir and Shark Press; TV and radio: NTRK RUz and others.
CAITME is the industrys largest and most anticipated event, where every year leading international companies demonstrate the latest products and technological developments in textile machinery.  This year, CAITME will be held alongside Textile Expo Uzbekistan, which began in 2004.  The profiles of the exhibitions correspond to the most important tasks facing Uzbekistans light industry.  At the same time, CAITME and Textile Expo Uzbekistan ensure the optimal combination of the interest s of government programmes aimed at localising production and filling the domestic consumer market with the interests of foreign investors and partners.  CAITME and Textile Expo Uzbekistan will present production lines; new raw materials processing technologies; machinery and equipment in operation; parts and components; dyes and chemicals; hardware; finished textile products; and semi-finished products.        
A brief history of the exhibitions:
Established: 2004, the exhibitions go under the Textile Expo Uzbekistan brand                    
Year of separation of CAIMTE from Textile Expo Uzbekistan: 2007
Year of independent exhibition under the CAITME brand: 2008
Total number of participating companies: over 500
Total number of countries represented: 24
Growth of exhibition over past 5 years: 200%
The CAITME and Textile Expo Uzbekistan exhibitions present 176 companies from 17 countries, including: Austria, Belgium, Belarus, UK, Germany, India, Italy, China, Holland, Poland, South Korea, Russia, USA, Turkey, Uzbekistan, France and Switzerland.  
Traditionally, European countries are most well represented, accounting for 45% of exhibitors.  The leader amongst European countries, and in terms of the number of companies present at the exhibitions, is Germany.  German manufacturers have held a central position at CAITME for several years in a row.  This year, the exhibitions will include 32 German companies, 18 Italian, nine Swiss, three French, three Belgian, two Austrian, two Dutch, one British and one Polish.  
By their participation, South East Asian countries are demonstrating their interest in expanding cooperation with manufacturers in Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries.  Producers from three countries in this region will present exhibits: India, China and South Korea, amounting to 21% of the exhibitors.  Fifteen companies will be on Indias national stand, twelve on Chinas, and twelve on South Koreas.  
Turkey will reaffirm its position as a leader in the textile machinery industry in Europe and Asia.  Turkish manufacturers account for 18% of exhibitors, putting Turkey in second place in terms of the number of participating companies (30).  
CIS countries make up 15% of exhibitors.  They include leading manufacturers of finished textile products and semi-finished products from Belarus: Mogotex, Polese, Svetogorsk, Khimvolokno, Lenta, Kamvol and Sukno.  Textile companies from these countries have shown continued interest, over many years, in Uzbekistans market.  Most of the companies listed here have taken part in Textile Expo Uzbekistan previously.  
Domestic manufacturers taking part in the exhibitions include: Belting Rezina, VesChem Textile, Guner Tash, Beshariktextile, Kosonsoy Tukimachi, Oksaroy Textile, Royal Silk, Vody Ipagi, Chinz Textile, which will be presented by NBU Investment and NBU Invest Group.  
Since their foundation, the CAITME and Textile Expo Uzbekistan exhibitions have stimulated business cooperation between industry specialists, attracting leading manufacturers and consumers of equipment, technologies and material for the textiles and light industry.
The official opening of the CAITME 2009 and Textile Expo Uzbekistan 2009 exhibitions will take place on 15 September 2009 in UzexpoCentre.  
For further information, please contact the press service of ITE Uzbekistan

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