November 14-16, 2018

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Transport and Logistics in Uzbekistan.

Overview of the transport and logistics industry in Uzbekistan

Logistics is of paramount importance for Uzbekistan. Such factors as medium-size areas with high population density, separateness of industrial centres from agricultural areas, being landlocked, and remoteness from the world markets make having its own well-developed transport and logistics system vital for Uzbekistan.

Today, a number of large-scale industrial investment projects are being implemented in the country, such as: construction and reconstruction of rail facilities and motor-roads; fleet renewal and modernization of locomotives and rolling stock; reconstruction of foundries; construction of airports; infrastructure development in the free industrial zones; development of multimodal transport and logistic centre network to develop the transport corridor system; building and development of the market of freight forwarding, warehousing, and other types of logistical services; development of high-speed passenger service, etc.

Selected performance data in the transport and logistics industry of Uzbekistan:

- On the average, the cargo carriage volume increases annually by 15%

- In 2016, the new 123-km electrified railway line Angren Pap was opened, including the 19 km tunnel going through a more than 2,000 m high mountain pass. The line has become an important link in the international transit corridor.

- The program for production infrastructure development (automobile & rail roads, logistics centres) to be carried out between 2015 and 2019 provides for implementation of more than 150 projects to the amount of around USD 10 billion.

- Over recent years, the railway mileage has increased by more than 1,000 km totaling today 4,201.1

- In November, 2010, Uzbekiston Temir Yullari JSC completed the construction of Hairatan Mazar-e-Sharif main railway line in Afghanistan.

- The road network mileage in the country totals 184,000 km, of which 42,676 km is the public road network.

- In 2015, the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan On the programme of development and modernization of engineering and communication and road and transport infrastructure for 2015-2019 provided for a time-phased plan for road and transport infrastructure development, which included: construction and reconstruction of automobile roads with total mileage of 2,699.8 km; reconstruction of more than 4,000 km of inter-farm roads; 2,000 km of city streets, rural and regional centre roads.

- The program provides for purchasing 993 units of road-building machinery and equipment for routine repairs and maintenance of public roads.

- Construction of 6 motorway junctions and 10 new bridges on the national highway and public roadways is scheduled for 2016.

- In 2015, 158 large production facilities were commissioned totaling USD 7.45 billion.

- Currently, the active partners or suppliers of Uzbekiston Temir Yullari include such most influential representatives of the industry as Plasser&Theurer, Patentes Talgo S.L., Transmashholding, MTZ TRANSMASH, and many others.

- In 2016, two new Boeing-787 Dreamliners, for which the individual service and repair facility and hangars have already been provided, will be added to the fleet of Uzbekistan Airways the national air carrier.

- Opening of the major modern International Logistic Centre Tashkent with a total area of 184,000 sq. m is scheduled for 2016.

One of the key export items is fruit and vegetable products:

- Annual production: 17 million tons

- Over 4 million tons are exported to the USA, EU countries, Russia, Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Macedonia,

Malaysia, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, China, Japan, and other countries.

- Export of fruit & vegetable products has increased five times over the last 10 years

- Till the end of 2020, Uzbekistan plans to increase the output of fruit & vegetable products up to 32 million tons per year

- In view of the increasing demand for export of fruit & vegetable products, the country lacks transport capacities, which is a good opportunity for transport & logistics companies to secure a foothold in the market of Uzbekistan.

This is not nearly an exhaustive list of facts showing the consistent growth and positive dynamics in the development of the transport and logistics industry in the country.


Key exhibition sections:

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