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23rd Tashkent International Healthcare Exhibition "TIHE 2018"

18 - 20 April, 2018 Tashkent, Uzbekistan

About Health Sector

Over the past decades, more than USD 750 million, including the state budget funds, preferential loans and grants, has been invested in modernization and equipping the medical healthcare facilities of Uzbekistan with the latest laboratory, diagnostic and medical equipment.

Currently, Health-3 project, funded by the government and World Bank, is being actively implemented (2011-2018) as a continuation of the projects Health 1 and Health 2 started back in 1998-2010. The projects are aimed at reforming and developing the primary health care services in the rural areas. During this period of time, more than 3,200 rural medical facilities were opened and equipped according to the latest science and technology.

The new project will continue equipping both urban and district medical facilities with modern medical equipment and tools. It also includes a set of measures for preventing infectious diseases, strengthening epidemiological situation and healthy lifestyle promotion

About Pharmaceutical Market of Uzbekistan

Today, more than 130 companies operate in the pharmaceutical sector supplying the domestic market with over a third of medicines, whereas in the early 90s, there were just three companies.

There are many successful examples in the industry of Uzbekistan when individual modern enterprises were established from scratch, and not only the companies but the whole industries. A special place in this list is occupied by the domestic pharmaceutical industry, which for a short period of time has been able to establish domestic production of a wide range of medicines

Since the first years of independence, Uzbekistan has been implementing a policy aimed at reduction of the state's share in the economy, deregulation and privatization of the state property. These processes are primarily designed to stimulate development of a competitive environment, small businesses and private entrepreneurship, emergence of enterprises producing export-oriented products. One of the ways to achieve these goals is to attract foreign expertise, investments and technology that would not only allow to master production of new products for a short period of time, but also to become a future basis for development of domestic capacities. That has been exactly the focus while creating the national pharmaceutical industry.

In total, over this period of industry development, more than USD 300 million was attracted, of which more than USD 100 million as foreign investments. As a result of these measures, the volume of pharmaceutical production in recent years has increased from UZS 46.9 million to UZS 265.7 billion. The pharmaceutical enterprises produce 1,327 names of medicines of 90 pharmacotherapeutic groups and 30 drug formulations, 145 items of medical products.

Active work is underway to increase exports. Twelve countries registered 15,250 products of domestic enterprises and the products themselves are exported to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, India, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, China, Russia and other countries. Particular attention is paid to the competitiveness of the domestic pharmaceutical products. To ensure this, implementation of international quality standards is underway. To date, 28 local enterprises implemented ISO-9001 Quality Management System and five companies - the GMP international standard.