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The 24th Tashkent International Health Exhibition TIHE 2019

16 - 18 April, 2019 Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Trade & Medical INTERMED INNOVATION JV LLC is a supplier of medical equipment for functional and laboratory diagnostics and dental equipment. Since 2011, the company has been annually participating in TIHE organized by the exhibition company ITE. The exhibition attracts a great number of professionals. This is a very good opportunity for healthcare practitioners and top managers of medical facilities to learn about the latest medical equipment, make a comparative analysis and, ultimately, to make a right choice of a manufacturer or supplier of medical equipment. Participation of our company in this exhibition means gaining the opportunity to once again demonstrate our capabilities, new models of medical equipment and establish ourselves among consumers as one of the leading suppliers of medical equipment in Uzbekistan. We are very pleased with our participation and, of course, will continue to participate in this exhibition further on.

Oleg Zhivetin, Director, INTERMED INNOVATION JV Ltd.

Our company produces more than 4.5 million units of pharmaceuticals annually, - says Zafar Khaknazarov, Director of Advertising and Marketing Department, - Uzbekistan pays great attention to healthcare development, in particular, of pharmaceutical sector, and this is the important factor of our company success. At present, we produce drugs of almost one hundred names based on the advanced technologies. Our high quality products conform to the international standard ISO 9001:2008, and are exported abroad. Through participation in this exhibition, we hope to find new partners and expand geography and volume of our exports.

Zafar Khaknazarov, Director, Advertising and Marketing Department, NobelPharmsanoat JV.

MZ Liberec a.s. Company takes part in TIHE exhibition for the 4th time. Right after our first participation in the exhibition, we have got new customers and partners, and also evidences of demand for our products in Central Asia. One of the most important facility, which was equipped with our equipment, is the Cardiac Surgery Centre named after Vakhidov. The exhibition of 2015 brought us even greater results. We conducted many meetings and negotiations with current and potential clients. Each time, TIHE exhibition is becoming increasingly important and necessary in the field of medical technologies. Therefore, without doubts, we have taken part in this exhibition. We look forward to participating in the next exhibition and thank the organizers for its successful organization.

Ashot Simonyan, Regional Director, MZ Liberec a.s

We are convinced that the dentistry sector of Uzbekistan is developed up to the world standards, - says GibsonZheng, Manager of Trading Company HST StomatologicalScientificandEducational (China), - we are glad to have the opportunity to present our products at the exhibition. We demonstrate dental models and relevant medical equipment. Our goal is to learn more about the medical market of Uzbekistan, conduct marketing research of supply and demand, establish cooperation with national medical facilities.

Gibson Zheng, Trade Manager, HST

Our company, BTL Medical Technologies has been participating in TIHE for 6 years. For this time period, we are glad to note professional growth and status of the exhibition as it increases not only in the scope of the exposition area, but also in quality composition of participants and visitors. In this sense, we would like especially appreciate the last year exhibition, TIHE 2015. In the future, we expect positive results from our participation and hope that the trend of increasing in number of professional visitors of the exhibition will be continued. Thank you for your organizing efforts and looking forward to having our continued partnership.

Yannis Sivvakos, Manager, BTL Medical Technologies