03 - 05 October, 2018
Tashkent, Uzbekistan

According to the Ministry of Economy, by 2020, Uzbekistan will increase its polyethylene production 4.1 times – from 125 thousand tons in 2015 to 512 thousand tons in 2019. Such performance will be achieved through commissioning of the Ustyurt Gas Chemical Complex.

The first 66 thousand tons of polypropylene will be produced this year. In 2019, the production of the promising polymer will reach the design capacity of 83 thousand tons. As many as 3.8 billion cubic meters of commercial gas, 387 thousand tons of polyethylene, 83 thousand tons of polypropylene will be produced at the Ustyurt Gas Chemical Complex on the Surgil field. According to international news agencies, the demand for polypropylene - the second most abundant polymer in the world - is increasing annually by 4-6%. In 2015, the global consumption of polypropylene exceeded 60 million tons.

The production of this type of products is rapidly shifting towards Asia and the Middle East. Most of the projects are focused on meeting the needs of China which is expanding its own production. Polypropylene is used in all the dominant industries: electronic engineering, electrical technology, mechanical engineering, automobile construction, instrument engineering, transportation, and construction.

Today, the chemical industry of Uzbekistan, with its significant production, raw materials, and research and development potential is one of the country’s leading key industries. According to the experts’ forecast, the estimated annual growth rate of the global chemical industry will be 2.7%, and by 2030, the volume of global market of chemical products will be as much as $4,391 billion. In turn, the polymers market is also growing in Uzbekistan. Thus, the polymers and synthetic resins are widely used: linoleum which is made of polyvinyl chloride, thermal insulating materials made of polystyrene, construction materials made of plastics are produced.


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