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13th International Exhibition on Mining and Processing of Metals & Minerals - MiningWorld Uzbekistan 2018

November 14-16, 2018 Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is among the ten leading countries of the world for the reserves of gold, uranium, copper, stone and potassium salts (minerals).

Over 1,000 mines, pits, open-cast mines, oil and gas fields, water supply points, hospitals, workshops and factories on bottling of medical and table waters are being operated in Uzbekistan. Precious, nonferrous metals, uranium are recovered in Navoi and Olmalyq mining factories that are provided with the prepared mineral raw materials resources for long term perspectives.

Uzbekistan is among the five countries of the world for proved reserves of gold, and among the ten leading countries for production level. The basis for gold mines are the fields of Qyzilqum (Muruntau, Muytenbay, Triada, Ajibugut, Amantaytau, Kokpatas, Daugyztau and others), Samarqand (Charmitan, Gujumsay, Sarmich, Biran, Marjanbulak and others) and Tashkent outskirts (Kochbulak, Kayragach, Kyzylalmasay, Kauldy, Pirmirab, Guzaksay and others) geological economic zones.

There are 26 fields registered for the reserves of silver. Its major quantity (80.4%) is concentrated in the complex fields of Kalmakyr, Barakaly, Uchkulach, Khandiza and in gold mines of Kochbulak, Kyzylalmasay, Muruntau and other fields as well as purely silver fields (19.6%) of Nukrakon, Kosmanacha, Okjetpes

For reserves and production of uranium Uzbekistan is among the first ten countries of the world. Processing of the uranium reserves is carried out on efficient and environmentally friendly manner by underground leaching. The extraction of rhenium, scandium, selenium, rare earth elements is also possible as by-product to the uranium. The reserves of uranium prepared to treatment and the available growth prospects as well as applied advanced technologies ensure sustainable work of the uranium production for longer perspectives.

Uzbekistan possesses large raw materials basis of nonferrous, rare and diffused metals represented by the pure and complex fields

Tungsten raw materials basis are provided by the famous tungsten ore mines.

There are some tens of ore shows and deposits of iron. The largest Tebinbulak titan-magnetite deposits with resources worth 3.5 billion tons of ore (Republic of Qoraqalpoghiston), Temikan deposit of hematite-magnetite and magnetite ores with the reserves worth 105 million tons (Jizzakh rpovince) and Syurenata scarn-magnetetic deposit with the reserves worth 25.3 million tons (Tashkent province).