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Advanced Technologies from Leading Manufacturers for Machine Building Industry!

This year will be the 10th time for the Central Asian International Exhibition Metallurgy, Machine and Tool Building – Machinery Central Asia 2017 to bring together the representatives of the industry enterprises, agencies, business communities, and key experts at Uzexpocentre.

The ongoing reforms in the manufacturing industry of Uzbekistan open the door for new opportunities and bring in new expectations for enhancing cooperation in the sector of Uzbekistan that has a high potential in terms of intensive industry development. The large-scale industrial projects are being implemented in Uzbekistan that is the reason why a number of companies seek to present their products to the professional audience.

Annually, Machinery Central Asia serves as the demonstration platform for many leading machine-building and machine-tool factories, metallurgical companies, and other branches of real economy, which have an opportunity to demonstrate their equipment and engineering solutions being in demand in almost all areas of production.

As many as 36 companies fr om eight countries will take part in this year’s exhibition. They are: China, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey, and Uzbekistan. This is the second time when Machinery Central Asia has attracted attention of manufacturers from Czech Republic.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Czech Republic has become the organizer of the country’s national stand wh ere nine companies will exhibit their products. The Czech companies are the leaders in such areas as power industry, machine building, and heavy industry.

At the exhibition, the Czech manufacturers will showcase their innovative solutions designed for various industries, which will obviously be of great interest for the purposes of profitable cooperation in the context of rapid development of the domestic economy and infrastructure.

The following companies are among the exhibitors: Armaturka Vranová Lhota, Hydroma, Ferrit, Jihostroj East, LEVEL, MESIT, Aerotrade, MoraviaSteel, OEZ, and TMCCR. This will be the first time when, as part of the exhibition, each company exhibiting in the Czech Republic pavilion will hold presentations and provide the industry experts with the comprehensive description of their products and services within the framework of the specialised awareness-raising seminar.

Out of the number of regular exhibition participants, the following can be particularly mentioned: CHIRON WERKE GMBH & CO.KG (Germany), a manufacturer of machine tools and turn-milling centres; KNUTH WERKZEUGMASCHINEN GMBH (Germany), a manufacturer of equipment for machine-building industry; FICEP SPA (Italy), a global leader in the production of equipment for metalworking industry; IV STAL INVEST (Uzbekistan), a major supplier of rolled metal products in Uzbekistan; and PLATINUM SHIELD (Uzbekistan), a producer of metalworking lubricants.

This year's debutants include: ROST GROUP & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (Taiwan), a supplier of equipment for the production of metal ware, mounting hardware, and various component parts; TAV VACUUM FURNACES SPA (Italy), a vacuum furnace manufacturer; YAMAZAKI MAZAK (Russia/Japan), the world’s largest producer of multifunction machines; STANKO GROUP (Uzbekistan), a distributor of machine tools and equipment; and other companies.

According to the experts, Machinery Central Asia provides ample opportunities for both visitors and exhibitors presenting different kinds of products and services, and also demonstrates the country’s industrial potential to foreign investors.

This year, Machinery Central Asia is held within the frameworks of the industrial exhibitions along side with MiningWorld Uzbekistan, TransUzbekistan/Translogistica, and CAIPS Securika Central Asia 2017.

Official support is provided by:

  • Ministry for Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The exhibitions are held under the organizational support of the National Exhibition Complex Uzexpocentre JSC.

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