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"Building equipment and technologies - BuildTech 2018"

28 February-2 March, 2018 Tashkent, Uzbekistan


Country:  Taiwan
Address:  19F No.615, Sec 2, Ta Tung rd. Tai-nan, 70152, Taiwan
Telephone:  + 886 6 289 24 23
Email:  chite@chite.com.tw mei@chite.com.tw
Web:  www.chite.com.tw
CHITE ENTERPRISES CO., LTD. was founded in 1994. Main products are: self-drilling screws, roofing screws, PVC window screws, drywall screws, hex nuts, hex bolts, anchors, thread rods, cotter pins, stamping parts; all kinds of fasteners from TAIWAN and China. We have been selling our goods throughout the world, including Europe, Russia, USA, etc. We are a highly reputable company. Just send an inquiry to mei@chite.com.tw, and you will find out you are making the right choice.

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