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7th International Exhibition Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Water Supply, Plumbing, Swimming Pools, Environment and Renewable Energy - Aquatherm Tashkent 2018

28 February-2 March, 2018 Tashkent, Uzbekistan


Country:  Kazakhstan
Address:  16, Zhahansha Dosmukhameduly Str. Astana, Z00Y2C7, Kazakhstan
Telephone:  + 7 7172 67 76 76
Email:  info@amitech.kz nariman@bk.ru
Web:  www.amitech.kz
Amitech Astana LLP is one of the leaders in the field of design and manufacture of pipe technologies. Amiantit Group is an international group of companies founded in 1968 in Saudi Arabia, which has obtained success on a global basis. Amitech Astana LLP produces pipes of 300 to 3,000mm diameter with a pressure rating up to 32 atmospheres. FLOWTITE GRP piping systems practical applications:
1. Potable and industrial water: FLOWTITE pipes are the best solution for water handling.
2. Globally-applied economical and durable sewage pipes.
3. Hydropower engineering: thanks to the unique combination of mechanical and chemical properties, these pipes are perfect for hydropower use.
4. Irrigation systems: the pipes are easy to transport and ensure safe installation.
5. Industry application: FLOWTITE systems are produced for the needs of mining, oil-refining, chemical, and other industries.

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