March 13-15, 2019

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Special Section: Refrigeration Technologies for Agro-Industrial Complex

Equipment and technologies to provide consumers with quality and safe products through building a continuous field-to-shop refrigeration chain.

Storage, processing, and marketing of products in compliance with quality and food safety standards requires the use of modern innovative refrigeration technologies and equipment, the most complete range of which can be found on the exhibitors stands in the Refrigeration Technologies for Agro-Industrial Complex special section

Exhibitors Profile:

  • Design and construction of cold-storage warehouses, cooling chamber, and terminals
  • Industrial refrigerating and freezing equipment
  • Industrial refrigerating and fast-freezing complexes
  • Specialized refrigerating transport and logistics
  • Refrigeration supply systems
  • Automation of technological processes and production
  • Industrial air conditioning and ventilation

Visitors Profile:

  • Slaughterhouses
  • Meat processing plants
  • Warehouse terminals
  • Transport companies
  • Agricultural holdings
  • Livestock farms
  • Poultry farms
  • Distributors
  • Wholesalers

Uzbek Market

The export of fruit and vegetable products for 2017 is projected at 1.27 million tons. The increase of 1.55 times compared with 2016

The bulk of exports falls on grapes, pomegranate, lemon, persimmon, apple, greens, cabbage, carrots, cucumber, tomato, beets, radish, turnips, peanuts, mung beans.

In 2016, Uzbek enterprises exported 818,500 tons of fruits and vegetables, which is 38.3% more than in 2015. A total of 65 kinds of fruits and vegetables were exported. In this context, the main volumes in value terms fell on cherries (14.4%), dried grapes (12.8%), apricots (7.63%), fresh grapes (7.57%), mung peas (6.91% ), tomatoes (6.86%), beans (6.51%), greenery (5.65%), peaches (4.11%) and persimmon (3.96%).

Fruits and vegetables were exported in 43 countries in the world, while the map of exports has expanded by 9 new countries last year: canned capers were delivered to Spain and Italy for the first time, walnuts - to Lebanon, dried grapes to Vietnam and Israel, dried vegetables to Belgium, grapes and melons to Switzerland, dried apricots to the Netherlands, grapes and dried fruits to the Czech Republic.

The progress allowed Uzbekistan to rank 48th among the largest exporters of fruits and vegetables last year.

Uzbekistan is completing the works on the opening of trading houses in India, Germany, Poland, Latvia, the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Belarus as part of expanding its export map. Trading houses in these countries will be registered by the end of 2017 and will start operation.