March 14-16, 2018

Tashkent, Uzbekistan


Country:  Russia
Address:  6, Kievskaya Saint-Petersburg, 196084, Russia
Telephone:  + 7 812 777 73 31
Our activities: production and distribution of feed additives for all kinds of farm animals, fish, poultry such as natural carotenoids for poultry: ECO GOLD, ECO RED, synthetic carotenoids: Canthaxanthin 10%, APO-ester 10%, natural ASTAXANTHIN for salmonids, FLAVORS for animal feed, SPIRULINA in powder for all types of animals, hemoglobin, globin, blood plasma. Natural feed additives allow:
- to increase reproductive functions of parental herd;
- increase average daily gain and preservation of young animals;
- to improve balance and enrich natural feed by a complex of biologically valuable substances;
- to produce quality and environmentally friendly products;
- intensify pigmentation of egg yolks, broiler skin, salmon meat;
- to improve significantly the profitability of production.

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