March 14-16, 2018

Tashkent, Uzbekistan


Country:  Russia
Address:  77/A, Gagarina ave., 8N Saint-Petersburg, 196158, Russia
Telephone:  + 7 812 334 51 92
GC AgroBalt trade a produce of premixes, protein-vitamin mineral concentrates, feed additives, pre-starter and starter feed for animals and poultry. The company has a premix and feed mill, a certified laboratory, a consulting group, a trading and transport company. In the premix and feed market, Group Company AgroBalt Trade has been operating since 1993 under the trademarks BESTMIX products for poultry, PIGSTREAM for pigs and MUMM. The company is the developer and owner of the right to manufacture and sell a range of products under the brand name BESTMIX, increasing the production results of farm animals and poultry. Due to the excellent quality of our products, with the use of modern technology, the production and introduction of innovations together with an individual approach to each client with competitive prices for products, our company occupies one of the leading places.

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