March 13-15, 2019

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Equipment for Livestock and Poultry Breeding

Equipment for Livestock and Poultry Breeding is the most popular section of the exhibition, which represents a wide range of equipment and technologies for full-cycle agricultural production: from the reproduction of pedigree animals and birds, their rearing, breeding and feeding to the processing of livestock and poultry products.

This section is designed to promote the modern equipment for livestock and poultry breeding, which contributes to long-term development of the agricultural enterprises that are professionally engaged in rearing and breeding livestock and poultry for the purpose of subsequent production of quality raw materials. After visiting the exhibition, the professionals of farms, agricultural cooperatives, and agricultural holdings will be able to accomplish a number of tasks related to the production instrumentation and modernization.

The section provides:

  • Fodder conservation and production equipment; spare & component parts
  • Cattle, pig and poultry feeding and watering equipment
  • Milking equipment, milking units, and component parts
  • Climate control systems for rearing purposes. Livestock management tools and equipment
  • Poultry breeding equipment
  • Manure removal. Cleaning and disinfection products and equipment
  • Breeding. Selective breeding. Cattle and poultry slaughtering equipment

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